Eclipse™ 3D

The Eclipse’s™ ability to handle large payloads while maintaining absolutely level horizon and unsurpassed stabilization, make it the perfect aerial rig to shoot 3D footage for the big screen.
Pictorvision’s™ custom XR Motion Management™ software allows our standard controller to drive both sets of cameras and lenses. This allows the DP to focus on framing instead of worrying about the added complications of other systems to keep the images in sync.
At Pictorvision™, we understand how important matching cameras and lenses are to 3D production, as well as how rapidly the art and science of 3D technology is advancing. We encourage each production to supply and support the camera systems with matched lenses, and the recording and monitoring systems that they feel best meet their requirements. Our philosophy is to work as closely as possible with our customers, so we can support their ever changing needs and not limit their choices with pre-defined or out-of-date concepts regarding the best way to shoot 3D.

Eclipse™ 3D Demo Reel