Eclipse 30K Multicam Array

The Pictorvision Eclipse Multicam Array is the ultimate in aerial systems designed to capture very high-resolution Panoramic VFX plate shots.

The original single camera Eclipse™ revolutionized aerial camera systems by offering the most advanced steering, stability, and pointing capabilities available on the market. At the core of the Eclipse’s™ superior stability is the patented XR Motion Management™ technology. On top of this, the open-architecture of the system allows for greater choice in digital or film camera and lens combinations. All this technology is
utilized in the newest member of the Eclipse family, the Multicam Array.

The Multicam Array utilizes six 5K Red Epics in an array 3 across by 2 rows high. When all six images are stitched together, this provides a seamless 12K (46 Megapixel) image with a 140 degrees horizontal, 60 degrees vertical view.
In addition to aerial use, the Eclipse Multicam Array can be used on the ground with small cranes via a Mitchell-mount adapter. Producers can use the same Eclipse system for normal single camera shooting and the Multicam Array for plate shots. The time to change between them is 4 hours.

Compatible Cameras:

  • Standard Red Epics
  • No modifications, or accessories needed
  • Can be sourced from local reputable vendors
  • Records on each camera via RedMags
  • A 7th Epic is used in the cockpit as Master controller


  • Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM
  • Pictorvision can supply a set of 6 lenses along with filter kits
  • Canon lens mounts for Epics also provided upon request

Key System Features:

  • Highest level of stability
  • Highest level of reliability
  • Absolutely level horizon
  • Can look straight down
  • Fast Pan, Tilt, and Roll speeds
  • Max Flight Speed: 100+ knots
  • All 6 cameras can be monitored live on one screen, or isolated individually

Other options may be possible.
Please call to discuss your ideas or needs.

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