About Us

Pictorvision™ is a world leading supplier of stabilized camera systems to the broadcast, entertainment and commercial sectors.
We are the first and only company to offer an entire line of Pictorvision™, Wescam, and Cineflex gyro-stabilized aerial camera systems for capturing stunning images from above and beyond. No other company has the combined experience, professionalism, dedication and product choices that we provide.
Our product suite covers the entire range of output options, matching the right system to any job and budget. Whether your production calls for 3D, HD, 35mm, 4K digital, IMAX 70mm, cost-effective SD, or anything in between, we will work with you to provide a tailored solution.

Team of Experts

Pictorivision’s award-winning engineering staff is the same team who are are responsible for developing generations of Wescam products that the industry has relied on for over 35 years. This same team continues to advance stabilization technology with our patented XR Motion Management Technology, featured in Pictorvision’s™ Academy Award Winning gyro-stabilized system, the Eclipse™. Our commitment to R&D keeps us at the forefront of technological innovation, ensuring we continue to revolutionize the industry.

The Pictorvision™ Difference – Stable People, Stable Products

  • Full Suite of Film and Video aerial camera systems, complete with brackets: Eclipse™, Cineflex, and Wescam.
  • Professional: We are a professional business and act like one – no drama, no screaming, no games. We only make promises that we can deliver on, and deliver on the promises that we make.
  • Support: Unlike some of the small mom and pop shops in the business, we have full engineering support and a large inventory of systems. Therefore, in the very rare case that there is ever a problem that can’t be fixed on the spot, we have the experienced people and replacement systems needed to get you back up and shooting right away.
  • Export experts: Most of the aerial camera systems in the industry have some export restrictions when shooting internationally. We are experts in getting the proper export licensing to make sure your system does not get stuck in customs. We also have some systems available that are completely unrestricted and can go anywhere in the world, including China!