Pictorvision Announces the MINI-ECLIPSE Stabilized Aerial and Ground Head

Pictorvision, the leaders in gyro stabilized camera systems, is pleased to announce the mini-Eclipse™, the first compact head designed specifically for both the air and ground. This breakthrough is made possible by the next generation of stabilization technology: Gen-V™….Read More.

Turner Sports Features New “TrussCam” Technology from Pictorvision in 2013 MLB Postseason Coverage.

Starting with the NLCS playoffs earlier this month, TBS has premiered the Pictorvision “TrussCam” in the Los Angles and Atlanta ballparks to provide a unique, compelling vantage point for their Major League Baseball post-season coverage…Read More.

Pictorvision Trusscam Trolley Mounted Gryo-Stabilized Camera System now Available

Pictorvision introduces, TrussCam by Camera Special Systems, the latest innovation to enable creative and dynamic coverage for stadium, arena, courts, theatres and other events. This one-of-a-kind trolley mounted, gyro-stabilized camera system provides previously impossible shots in large venues…Read More.

Pastuhov Keeps Pictorvision Eclipse Flying

Aerial cinematographer Phil Pastuhov is one of the busiest shooters in the business. He’s always charged with interesting jobs – and usually halfway around the world. It is, after all, a global production community these days…Read More.

Doug Holgate: On Location

Aerial cinematographer Doug Holgate flies the world capturing exciting footage for major feature films. Each movie, each location, has its own challenges. Ironically, he finds that shooting fairly close to his home has often been one of the most difficult…..Read More.

Marzano Keeps Pictorvision Eclipse Flying

“Filmmaking in Europe over the past 12 months has been phenomenally busy and the highlight has undoubtedly been the arrival of the Pictorvision Eclipse to Flying Pictures in the UK,” says aerial camera operator and Director of Photography John Marzano...Read More.

Where Is The Eclipse This Summer?

With summer blockbusters starting to roll into theaters, Pictorvision is proud to say that the Academy Award®-winning Eclipse has been a big part of capturing scores of riveting high action sequences…Read More.

Heller Keeps Eclipse in the Air

When a high-end production being shot in New York requires aerial cinematography, chances are they call Brian Heller. And the first place he turns to is Pictorvision for the Eclipse aerial camera stabilization system…Read More.

Pictorvision First to Fly ALEXA M for ARRI Promo

Pictorvision, which won an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scientific and Engineering Award this year for their innovative Eclipse system, was recently tapped by ARRI to help create a stunning in-booth promo to be shown at NAB 2012 in Las Vegas…Read More.

Pictorvision Eclipse Designers Earn Academy Award® at SciTech Event

Michael Lewis, Greg Marsden, Raigo Alas and Michael Vellekoop were among the 30 honorees to take the stage at the 2012 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scientific and Technical Award ceremony…Read More.

Nowell Calls on Pictorvision’s Rain Spinner for Major Wet Work Aerials

Aerial cameraman David B. Nowell, ASC has been using Pictorvision’s Eclipse for major features since the system first came out. The gyro-stabilized system has allowed him to capture exciting one-of-a-kind shots…Read More.

Pictorvision Eclipse Designers to Receive The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences® Scientific and Technical Award

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will honor the Pictorvision Eclipse designers with a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award at the 84th Annual Academy Awards for Technical Achievement. This prestigious award will be given to Michael Lewis, Greg Marsden, Raigo Alas and Michael Vellekoop…Read More.

Pictorvision Supports First 3D Artbeats Shoot

Pictorvision announces that Artbeats, in collaboration with cinematographer Doug Holgate, has chosen the new eclipse 3D aerial rig for a stock footage shoot. “We pride ourselves in specializing in footage that is difficult to shoot, things that have high production value,” explains Artbeats’ Phil Bates…Read More.

Nowell Chooses Pictorvision for Air Racers 3D

Aerial director of photography David B. Nowell, ASC recently took Pictorvision’s Eclipse into the air to capture stunning 3D footage that simulates the feeling of a real air race. The Eclipse footage is now being integrated into 3D footage…Read More.

Eclipse Flies With Pace Aerial 3D System

Pictorvision announces that their state-of-the-art aerial system, Eclipse, will fly with the CAMERON – PACE Group’s FUSION Aerial 3D system on an upcoming 3D production, carrying digital cinema cameras…Read More.

Pictorvision Goes 3D for Deutsche Telecom Spots

Pictorvision announces that their state-of-the-art Eclipse 3D aerial system was recently flown carrying a pair of RED ONE M-X cameras for a Deutsche Telecom (the parent company of T-Mobile) package of spots called “A Thousand Little Things”…Read More.

Pictorvision’s Eclipse with GPS Tracking Helps Holgate Go the Extra Mile

Aerial Cinematographer Doug Holgate had a busy year. He’s gone around the world several times shooting footage for major features. And his favored aerial set up starts with Pictorvision. “One of the great features is the GPS tracking system integrated in the Eclipse”…Read More.

Pictorvision’s Eclipse & Iwerks Take to the Air for Major European Feature

When pilot and aerial coordinator Marc Wolff began prepping for a large format feature to be shot in Budapest, he decided to pair Pictorvision’s Eclipse with the Iwerks camera, as an alternative to IMAX…Read More.

Pictorvision Carries IMAX Camera

Pictorvision announced that its aerial photography system, Eclipse, is now carrying the Imax MSM 65mm film camera for feature productions. Despite the fact that the Imax camera with full 1,000-foot mags of 65mm negative is significantly larger than most film cameras…Read More.