Pictorvision Announces the MINI-ECLIPSE Stabilized Aerial and Ground Head

Van Nuys, California – April 2, 2014 – Pictorvision, the leaders in gyro stabilized camera systems, is pleased to announce the mini-Eclipse™, the first compact head designed specifically for both the air and ground. This breakthrough is made possible by the next generation of stabilization technology: Gen-V™.

“Ever since we launched our full-sized Eclipse™ system, the market has been asking us to release a smaller version dedicated to the new digital cinema cameras,” said Tom Hallman, President of Pictorvision. “They also repeatedly asked us to make a version to support the needs of the ground market with the same level of performance as our Academy and SOC award-winning Eclipse. We listened, and the result is the mini-Eclipse.”

Not only will the mini-Eclipse offer superior performance compared to current technologies, but its elegant design and fewer active components will result in lower overall costs.

Hallman adds, “Soon productions will be able to use the same stabilized head on cranes and camera cars, and then move over to the helicopter for absolutely stable aerial shots. Not having to bring in a separate head and crew for simple aerial shots has long been at the top of producers’ wish lists, and with the Gen-V breakthrough, we’re excited to finally be able to satisfy that need.”

“Recognizing that the world doesn’t need another aerial or ground head with just ‘good enough’ performance, (like others recently released), we decided to wait and produce one product that meets the needs of both markets, with no compromises. We believe the production community worldwide will agree the advantages of Gen-V technology are worth the wait.”

Additionally, there are no ITAR restrictions – which means that every customer will have the advantage of capturing the most stabilized images available, anywhere in the world, without being concerned with US export restrictions.

According to Hallman, “The mini-Eclipse is just one product in a family of new systems that will be available from Pictorvision and parent company PV Labs, all utilizing the same core Gen-V technology. Additional models will be specifically designed for Electronic News Gathering (ENG), LiDAR, Corridor Mapping, Wide Area Mapping, Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) and Public Safety and Security.”

The first units will be flying as early as June, with production units ready within a year. Pictorvision representatives will be available at NAB, and will showcase the new mini-Eclipse at Cine Gear Expo in June.