Turner Sports Features New “TrussCam” Technology from Pictorvision in 2013 MLB Postseason Coverage

Starting with the NLCS playoffs earlier this month, TBS has premiered the Pictorvision “TrussCam” in the Los Angles and Atlanta ballparks to provide a unique, compelling vantage point for their Major League Baseball post-season coverage. “TrussCam,” a one-of-a-kind technology, is a camera mounted on a completely wireless trolley, which is running on a 200-foot track just outside the outfield wall. The gyro-stabilized camera then provides 360-degree views of the action, and stable close up coverage all the way to home plate.

What makes the TrussCam so unique is that it runs right on the truss as its track. No additional and expensive custom tracks or rails are needed. Custom curves like behind an outfield wall are no problem to install, and because it’s completely wireless, lengths as long as a mile or more are possible.  The stabilized camera head compensates for any imperfections where the pieces of truss are joined, so set up of the track is fast and easy. And the fact that it can run up to 30 MPH makes it the perfect rail type system for sports coverage.  (this can be my quote)

This flexibility has allowed TBS to get very creative with one of the very few truly dynamic camera angles available to them.  With the exception of a roaming hand held camera on the field and in the stands, baseball is primarily covered with static cameras. Having a Gyro-stabilized camera just 7 feet above field level gives the viewers a new perspective, and the motion as the camera travels from one side of the outfield to the other to really brings the post season TV coverage to life.  The executive at TBS have been so impressed with the Trusscam technology and it’s potential that they have secured exclusive rights to it for the 2013 MLB coverage. So tonight’s coverage of the St. Louis Cardinals Vs LA Dodgers will be the last opportunity to see it this season.

Pictorvision is the exclusive supplier for the TrussCam in North America.

Trusscam unique features

  • Runs directly on the truss, no additional and expensive tracks needed
  • Wireless, so curves and long runs are easy
  • Runs up to 30 mph
  • Accepts a variety of stabilized heads
    • Cineflex
    • XR
    • Truss can be rented from local staging companies. No need to truck in heavy custom track
    • Truss is robust. Works just fine on snowy, dirty, muddy and or uneven surfaces.
    • Long battery life.  Over 4hrs on one battery (depending on useage).