With summer blockbusters starting to roll into theaters, Pictorvision is proud to say that the Academy Award®-winning Eclipse has been a big part of capturing scores of riveting high action sequences.

As you watch the new mega-hit sequels, unbelievable battle sequences, futuristic romps, as well as comedies and fairy tales – can you pick out the shots that were captured with the Eclipse?

Already in theatres, you can check out the Eclipse’s incredible performance soaring over the U.S., shooting famous super heroes who teamed up to save the planet.

Then it was off to the Philippines to capture images for the fourth adventure of a rogue CIA operative, this time with a new actor playing the lead. Plus the Eclipse lit the screen with creative aerials over the East Coast for a comedy about a boy and his stuffed bear. Not to mention another chuckler about the bizarre leader of a fictional North African country. And the system grabbed lofty images over Hawaii and Hong Kong for an heroic fight on the seas, based on a mega-hit Hasbro combat game, then soared over Scotland, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and New York to shoot another caped hero for the season’s most anticipated trilogy.

Always in demand, Eclipse took to the air over New York for another sequel. Although a new star plays lead this go around, once again the character pits his arachnid powers for good against evil.

The Eclipse also travelled through Europe grabbing outrageous shots for the second installment of the adventures of a mercenary team out to right wrongs like no one else can. Then off to Canada, England, Jordan, and Iceland for the story of explorers who set out to discover the origins of mankind. And, if that’s not lofty enough, Pictorvision’s dynamo system shot all over Wales, Scotland and England for a new take on a classic fairytale we all know and love.

And that’s not all. When you visit the theatres and watch heroes fly and the villains try to foil them – in comedies, dramas, mega-battles and everything else – see if you can find the incredible scenes shot with the Pictorvision Eclipse. Who knows? It might be fun – and even more entertaining.