I finally had the opportunity to really work the eclipse, absolutely amazing. I had the Genesis with the 11-1 and with Fred North flying, could not have gone better. The system is crazy good. Hanging out at 275mm wrapping around actors in gantries 150ft high…just awesome.

Larry Blanford, 2nd Unit Director of Photography, The A-Team

I have never seen such amazing aerial footage, it will bring so much to our movie, despite the strong wind (40KT) the eclipse was rock solid.

Louis Leterrier, Director, Clash of the Titans

I was amazed at how quickly we could re-set between takes. I was banking aggressively and had absolutely no problems with the system toppling.

David “CJ” Calvert Jones, Helifilms USA

The XR was a treat to work with. No matter how challenging the environment was, we were never afraid to push in on the zoom. The XR made the entire zoom range usable, even at 274mm at the long end of the 11:1.

Chris Hayes, Camera Operator, Wild Hogs