PictorFX: Special Effects

pictorfx3The PictorFx is a 3-D image capturing system  for the film and video production industry. Using advanced LiDAR technology, the PictorFX generates extremely high resolution, 3-D digital images and maps for a variety of production applications. Learn More about the PictorFX.

Pictorvision XR: Ground Stabilization System

xrThe Pictorvision XR is one of the world’s most advanced stabilized ground camera systems. Enabling users to capture stabilized images in the most challenging environments, the Pictorvision XR has set a new industry standard for pushing creative limits in ground production. Learn More about the Pictorvision XR.


TrussCam is the latest advance in getting creative and dynamic coverage for stadium, arena, courts, theatres and other events. This one-of-a-kind trolley mounted, gyro-stabilized camera system provides previously impossible shots in large venues. The versatile system features a camera mounted on a completely wireless trolley, which runs on standard 290mm truss. Learn More about the TrussCam system.