The PictorFx is a 3-D image capturing system for the film and video production industry. Using advanced LiDAR technology, the system generates extremely high resolution, 3-D digital images and maps for a variety of production applications.

Utilizing sensor integration and data fusion techniques, the PictorFx enables set-designers, special effects teams and production crews to create accurate and high-quality 3-D models. This innovative system helps to solve some of the tough technical challenges associated with the creation, coordination and management of digital information in both pre and post production.

Set Design Visualization

The PictorFx enables users to plan, track, and digitally construct and reconstruct production-sets. Using the PictorFx system, image data can be imported into 3-D modeling software and can be used to create high resolution 3-D models of scenes and set maps. Using this technology, set-designers can visualize and analyze the impact of all design features before set construction. 3-D modeling allows for the identification of even the smallest details, saving time and money.

Information Modeling

PictorFx enables production teams to obtain structural and spatial information from the air or ground. The data-mapping capabilities provide users with a 3-D view of every shot, from every camera, at every angle. This helps to determine ideal camera positions and indentify any unwanted shots before actual equipment set-up takes place.

Visual Effects

PictorFx allows for the creation of dynamic visual effects without breaking the budget. Using the PictorFx system, image data can easily be integrated with CG objects; this is a creative and cost effective approach in generating digital 3-D images and graphics.

PictorFx Demo Footage